BARK Newsletter

The BARK newsletter is published quarterly on paper and is mailed to current paid members. It contains information about the association, the industry, events, and notices from our partners and other groups. The newsletter is a member benefit, and the subscription cost is included in the annual dues. To join the association and receive the quarterly newsletter, download a MTWFA Enrollment Brochure  and return it to the MTWFA office with payment. Content and calendar submissions for the newsletter are welcome. Submission deadlines:

  • March 1 – Spring issue
  • June 1 – Summer issue
  • September 1 – Fall issue
  • December 1 -Winter/Conference issue

Advertise in the newsletter! Download and save this form for advertisers. You can fill it in on your computer, save it again, and then mail, fax or email the completed form – contact information is on the form. To be included in the spring issue, ad copy and payment are due by March 1st.  Ad prices include publication in all four issues of the calendar year.

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