We urge you to get involved in the association and sign up for a committee today. All members are welcome to join! For more information, please contact us at 781-894-4759 or email info@masstreewardens.org.

Committee & Members Description


George Ackerson, David Hawkins, Dennis Ryan, Kent Warren Reviews association constitution/bylaws; makes recommendations for changes and revisions as needed; presents proposed changes and revisions to the officers and board and at the annual meeting for membership vote.


Bob LeBlanc, Chair
Chris Hayward, Kevin Weber, Tom Brady, Jim MacArthur, Dennis Ryan, Eric Seaborn, Marc Welch, Joel Custance
Organizes the annual meeting and conference; identifies and arranges for conference speakers; coordinates site visit to conference facility.

DCR Urban Forestry Advisory Council (State Urban Forestry Council)

MTWFA reps: George Ackerson, Tom Brady, Paul Sellers, Joel Custance, Jim MacArthur, ex-officio Dave Lefcourt
UMASS rep: Dennis Ryan
MAA reps: Marc Hansen, Maltby Tree
Meets with the State Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator to review state program plans, annual narrative, and fall accomplishment report and make recommendations; assists with review of the twice-yearly state grant program.

Education | PDS

Marc Welch, Chair
John Haines, Ted Bubbins, Dennis Ryan, Joel Custance
Plans, schedules and oversees the Professional Development Series (PDS) program; plans educational programs for the annual conference (with the conference committee).


Dave Lefcourt, Chair
Dan Connolly, Jim MacArthur, Eric Seaborn, Paul Sellers
Establishes strategies and tasks for increasing membership and involving active members in association activities.


Peter Buttkus, Chair
Ted Bubbins, John Haines
Works with educational institutions to solicit scholarship applications; reviews scholarship applications and determines recipients; determines scholarship amounts (with board); requests checks from Treasurer; reports names of scholarship winners to the board and the membership.


Dave Hawkins, Chair
George Ackerson, Ted Bubbins
Organizes and conducts the Arbor Day Seedling Program; provides the association with updates on the program and program needs; reports the net gain from the program that is available for scholarships.

Long-Range Planning

Marc Welch, Chair
Chris Hayward, Kevin Weber, Guy Shepard, Tom Brady, Dave Lefcourt
Formerly the 2013 committee, now works toward establishing goals and objectives for the next five years.

Ad Hoc

Chapter 87
Marc Welch, Dave Lefcourt, Jim MacArthur, Tom Brady, Ted Bubbins, Paul Sellers, Chris Hayward
Reviews legislation and recommends changes and updates.