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LastName FirstName Affiliation MQTW #
Begley Robert Town of West Springfield 1084
Benner Kevin Pine Banks Park 1031
Bentley Abigail City of Cambridge 1100
Bernard Bill Town of Lunenberg 1142
Bernier Andrew Town of Barnstable 1063
Beshara Brad City of Methuen 1056
Bezanson Kristina UMass Amherst 1143
Bineault Ryan City of Chicopee 1067
Blethen Daryl Town of Medway 1019
Bock Max Town of Blechertown 1144
Boukili Vanessa City of Somerville 1001
Bowker Stephen Town of Reading 1101
Brady Thomas Town of Brookline 1007
Breen Michael Town of Scituate 1012
Broderick John Town of South Hadley 1145
Bruce Norris City of Framingham 1074
Brunetta Tony Town of Franklin 1146
Burlock Wayne Town of Oxford  1022
Cabral David Town of Seekonk 1040
Cahill Matthew Town of Hingham 1147
Cantoreggi Robert Town of Franklin 1075
Carew Steve Town of Medway 1004
Caruso Keith Town of Millbury 1054
Cathcart Daniel Ulmus Consulting Arborist 1097
Catlett Marcus Town of West Springfield 1148
Chamberland Tom Town of Sturbridge 1020
Charette Francis Town of Barrington RI 1061
Charpentier Scott Town of Northborough 1073
Clark Kevin City of Taunton 1102
Clarke Rick Town of Ipswich 1050
Collasius Don Carlos Town of Fairhaven 1103
Collasius Don Town of Fairhaven 1103
Conlon Kevin Town of Tewksbury 1099
Cornell Rebekah Town of South Hadley 1149
Cournoyer Paul Town of Grafton 1036
Cournoyer Todd UMass Landscape Management 1096
Crane Blair Town of Norfolk 1104
Cresta Gino Town of Swampscott 1105
Crisafulli Scott J. Town of Milford 1086
Croteau Brian Town of Winchendon 1106
Custance Joel Town of Lexington 1002
DeBettencourt Allan Town of Edgartown 1071
DeMarco Justin Town of Maynard 1082
DeMeo Lisa Town of Salisbury  1042
Diehl Bryan   1094
Doherty Karen Mass. Tree Wardens Assn. 1052
Donovan Dennis Town of Westborough 1107
Dorr Gregory Lone Pine Tree Care 1008
Drayton Malik City of Somerville 1150
Duffy Bruce Town of Duxbury 1018
Dumas Jason City of Lynn 1026
Durkee Peter Town of Georgetown 1057
Esposito Kevin Twon of Shrewsbury 1108
Evers James Town of Holden 1151
Faiella Nick Town of Plymouth 1109
Ferguson Glenn Town of Norwell 1049
Filadoro Christopher Town of Lexington 1013
Flanagan Joseph Town of Dedham 1014
Fobert John Town of Marblehead 1079
Fox Kyle Town of Westord 1152
Fox-Lent Cate City of Chelsea 1153
Freilicher Mollie Massachusetts DCR 1051
Friede Jordan City of Nothampton 1154
Furno Adam Town of Douglas 1110
Gallagher Kevin Town of Grafton 1111
Gallant Albert Town of Winchendon 1045
Gokey Shane Town of Norwell 1155
Gomes Leo City of Framingham 1055
Goodhind Art Town of Natick 1043
Greenleaf Sarah Town of Easthampton 1112
Grendell Kyle Town of Framingham 1041
Grigorov Leah Town of Longmeadow 1156
Gustafson Patrick Town of North Brookfield 1157
Hale Mike City of Gloucester 1083
Hall Dennis Town of Orleans 1113
Hannaford Michael Town of Reading 1114
Hardiman Kevin Town of Tewksbury 1158
Hathaway Scott City of Westfield 1017
Herbst Mike Town of Shrewsbury 1159
Hill Patrick City of Brockton 1160
Holmes Raymond Town of Spencer 1053
Hunt Ryan Town of Acton 1115
Jackson Jackie Town of Weston 1116
Jason Jordan City of Newton 1058
Johansen David Town of Dennis 1010
Jose Kevin Town of Oxford 1161
Jutras Peter Town of Brookline 1091
Kenn Rob Town of East Bridgewater 1005
Kusnierz Joshua Town of Ware 1064
Laliberte Trevor TDL Landscaping 1066
Lariviere Barry Town of Norfolk 1162
Latulippe Douglas Town of Tyngsborough 1047
Laurenzo Christopher Town of Belchertown 1117
Lavin John Town of North Andover 1163
Lavin Michael Town of Dennis 1164
LeBlanc Robert City of Salem 1095
Lecuivre Tim Town of Arlington 1077
Lefcourt David City of Cambridge 1165
Leff Heather MTWFA 1118
Legros Jeff City of Gardner 1027
Lennon Matthew Town of Longmeadow 1059
LeVangie Bear BioForest 1016
Longo Michael Town of Tewksbury 1119
Luna Rafael Town of Sudbury 1120
Mackowiak Jacob Town of Oxford 1166
Marcotte Jason Town of Belmont 1121
Marinelli David Town of Longmeadow 1078
Marshall Andrew Town of Taunton 1122
Martin Bruce Town of Whitman 1024
Martin Chris City of Fall River 1167
Mayo Alan Town of Templeton 1025
McAvoy Geoff Town of South Hadley 1123
McCabe Kevin Town of Dover 1124
McCarthy Scott Town of Hadley 1168
McCormick Michael Town of Leicester 1169
McKinley Elizabeth Davey Resource Group 1089
McManus Andrew Town of Mashpee 1125
Messom Kathleen US Army –  Natick Army Labs 1092
Miklosko Aaron Town of Maynard 1006
Milano Anthony Town of Mashpee 1032
Miller Breck City of Somerville 1170
Moore Jeffrey Town of Westborough 1171
Mouradian Ryan Town of Sterling 1172
Murphy Margaret Provincetown 1098
Nardelli Joe Cambridge Landscape 1028
Newell Paul Town of Greenfield 1015
Newell Paul Town of Greenfield 1141
Okafor Chris Town of Hadley 1081
Olbrot Chris Town of Boxford 1127
Oliva Robert Town of Lunenburg 1128
Oliver Mark Town of Charleton 1173
Olson Timothy Town of Hamilton 1174
Parasiliti Jr Richard City of Northampton 1175
Parayno Christopher City of Fall River 1129
Pearson Jeremiah Town of Falmouth 1130
Pearson Peter Town of Devens 1176
Perpetua Kevin City of Taunton 1177
Piermarini Mark City of Leominster 1062
Potter Martin Town of Falmouth 1131
Pucko Nate City of Springfield 1178
Purimetla Rajitha Town of Ashland 1035
Raskevitz Paul Town of Greenfield 1021
Rebelo Carlos Town of Franklin 1072
Reese Sean Town of Holliston 1048
Repekta Nick Town of Shewsbury 1132
Ritzer Joshua Town of Chicopee 1179
Rosa Christopher City of Malden 1133
Ryan Brendan Town of Westwood 1030
Ryan Chris Town of South Hadley 1033
Santoro Michael Town of Belmont 1180
Savary Richard Town of Westford 1181
Savonen Jim Town of Duxbury 1034
Schleyer Keith Holden Municipal Light Dept. 1182
Schmitt Brandon Town of Wellesley 1003
Schmitter Shawn Town of South Hadley 1134
Scott Christopher City of Chicopee 1087
Sellers Paul Eversource 1046
Shattuck Jim Town of Winchester 1183
Shaw Erik Town of Concord 1135
Sherman Alexander City of Springfield 1029
Skinner Catrone Karon Town of Westwood 1136
Smith David Town of Leominster 1037
Smith Benjamin   1076
Soto Maximo Mass. DCR 1038
Stevens Kelly Town of Swampscott 1069
Sullivan Stephen Town of Shutesbury 1184
Summers Mark Town of Athol 1137
Swett Sean   1080
Szocik Robert Town of Templeton 1070
Tattersall Ray Town of Tisbury 1039
Thiem Jaret Town of Royalston 1185
Thiem Jeffrey Town of Athol 1186
Tobin Daniel Town of Chatham 1044
Tomasz John Town of Lynnfield 1023
Tucker Denis Town of Brookfield 1187
Tuden Aggie City of Medford 1060
Verity David Town of Duxbury 1090
Vigeant Joseph Town of Oxford 1188
Waldrip Ben City of Somerville 1138
Walsh Thomas Town of Belmont 1011
Walsh Mark Town of Tewksbury 1085
Waterhouse Jr. David Town of Boxford 1139
Webb Hugh Town of Fairhaven 1189
Welch Marc City of Newton 1009
Westerling John Town of Hopkinton 1088
White Michael Town of Barnstable 1068
White Chris City of Marlborough 1140
White Brian Town of Burlington 1190
Whitten Steven Town of Littleton 1093
Wildes Gary Town of Topsfield 1191
Williams Steven Town of Belchertown 1065
Williams Joe Town of Gill 1192