The MQTW qualification is valid for one year.  In order to renew the qualification, MQTWs must now

  • earn 5 continuing education credits per year
  • be a current member of MTWFA
  • submit an annual accounting of 5 earned credits to the MTWFA administrative office.

MQTWs are responsible to track their own credits and submit the Requalification Tally Sheet to the MTWFA office annually on February 1st. This form is available for download below. 

CEU = Continuing Education Unit (Unit = Credit)
MAA = Massachusetts Arborists Association
ISA = International Society of Arboriculture
New England Chapter ISA = International Society of Arboriculture
UMass Extension

Submit credits to MTWFA annually (5 credits per year). See below for ways to earn Continuing Education Units.

  • Attend MTWFA Programs
    • MTWFA annual conference – 5 credits
    • MTWFA Professional Development Series workshop – 2 credits
    • Western Mass. Tree Wardens’ quarterly meeting in Northampton – 1 credit
  • Attend educational programs hosted by other organizations
    • MAA – Massachusetts Arborists Association dinner meeting – 1 credit
    • MAA – Massachusetts Arborists Association special seminar – 1 credit
    • New England Chapter ISA annual conference – 2 credits
    • New England Chapter ISA workshop – 1 credit
    • UMass Extension seminar – 1 credit
    • UMass Tree Conference – 1 credit

Extended Education
UMass Green School – 5 credits
Attained MCA arborist certification this calendar year – 5 credits
Attained ISA arborist certification this calendar year – 5 credits
Attained TRAQ qualification (ISA) this calendar year – 5 credits

Each year, Qualified Tree Wardens will submit a form to MTWFA. Qualified Tree Wardens must earn at least 5 credits per year. Random audits may be conducted to verify CEU credits.