The 2024 seedling sale has begun! The seedling order deadline is April 12, 2024.  Beginning in April and continuing through mid-May, our nursery suppliers ship individual orders directly to purchasers via UPS. The seedlings must be delivered by May 3rd to avoid damage from extreme temperatures during shipping. IMPORTANT! –  WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF WHITE DOGWOOD and CONCOLOR FIR!

Click HERE to download the brochure and order your seedlings!
Seedling purchasers include municipalities, garden clubs, private firms, arborists, and other interested individuals and organizations. Seedling proceeds support annual scholarships for college arboriculture students. See a list of past recipients.

Seedlings offered for sale include both evergreen and deciduous trees and occasionally, large shrubs. Species and prices vary from year to year based on nursery availability. The minimum order is 100 seedlings. Purchasers often distribute the seedlings in local schools, promoting Arbor Day, Earth Day, and tree planting in communities around the state.

Seedling prices include shipping and (optional) separate plastic bags with printed planting instructions. Purchasers who order bags place each seedling in a bag, add soil or peat moss, and secure the bag with a tie (included).

Pre-bagged seedlings with promotional labels are also available, at somewhat higher prices. The minimum order for pre-bagged is 100 seedlings.

Seedlings may be distributed to schoolchildren and other Arbor Day/Earth Day participants. The seedling gifts may be part of a ceremony or presentation that promotes Arbor Day, Earth Day, and the value of trees to people and the environment. Buyers have also used seedlings as favors at weddings and as promotional items at Arbor Day and Earth Day activities.