Principles of Arboriculture: UMass Announces Online Course

New England Chapter ISA Tree Fund Liaison and UMass professor, Kristina Bezanson, is thrilled to be able to announce her upcoming online course! Offered by the University of Massachusetts University Without Walls, and taught by Kristina Bezanson, this Fall Semester 2020 course is accessible to everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn 36 ISA CEUs!

The course title is NRC 232 Principals of Arboriculture.  The course is designed to introduce students to arboriculture and the care of community trees. Many aspects of tree care are covered, and safety is stressed throughout the course. The course presents a balanced program of practical skills and scientific tree care.

Certified arborists can earn International Society of Arboriculture CEU’s!

  • BCMA Science: 16 Practice: 8 Management: 12
  • Climber Specialist: 26
  • Certified Arborist: 36
  • Utility Specialist: 26
  • Municipal Specialist: 36
  • Aerial Lift: 26

Classes are fully online and begin on August 24, 2020. 

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