Principles of Arboriculture: UMass Announces Online Course

New England Chapter ISA Tree Fund Liaison and UMass professor, Kristina Bezanson, is thrilled to be able to announce her upcoming online course! Offered by the University of Massachusetts University Without Walls, and taught by Kristina Bezanson, this Fall Semester 2020 course is accessible to everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to earn 36 ISA CEUs!

The course title is NRC 232 Principals of Arboriculture.  The course is designed to introduce students to arboriculture and the care of community trees. Many aspects of tree care are covered, and safety is stressed throughout the course. The course presents a balanced program of practical skills and scientific tree care.

Certified arborists can earn International Society of Arboriculture CEU’s!

  • BCMA Science: 16 Practice: 8 Management: 12
  • Climber Specialist: 26
  • Certified Arborist: 36
  • Utility Specialist: 26
  • Municipal Specialist: 36
  • Aerial Lift: 26

Classes are fully online and begin on August 24, 2020. 

The Arbor Day seedling sale is still on!

Although many Arbor Day celebrations are being postponed or cancelled due to preventive measures around COVID-19, our seedlings are still available to be ordered and shipped.

Pre-bagged seedlings. If you ordered – or plan to order – pre-bagged seedlings, our supplier nursery has them all prepared, in cold storage and ready for shipment. Customers can maintain their pre-bagged seedlings in cold storage, preferably in the refrigerator, for 4 to 5 weeks.  Pre-bagged seedlings can be delivered well into May, or June 1st at the latest. Be sure to let us know two weeks in advance if you need to change your current delivery date.

Bare-root seedlings. These must be delivered to you in April, by May 1st at the latest.  However, bare-root seedlings will keep a long time, IF the roots are kept moist and cool.

There are several ways to store bare-root seedlings:

  • put them in the refrigerator
  • plant them in the ground (yes, now is okay!)
  • keep them outside in a bucket, a cardboard box, a plastic plant flat, or other container. If using a container, keep the tops exposed and cover the roots with a medium such as wood chips, mulch, peat moss, or potting soil. Be sure to keep the medium moist so the roots do not dry out.

Alternative for Seedling Distribution. We encourage customers to plan an alternative means of distribution, such as setting a designated time and drive-up area for seedling pickups or giveaways. Although gatherings for Arbor Day and Earth Day may be cancelled, being outside is not! Many are finding comfort in out-of-door activities such as gardening, walking, and hiking, and we know that planting trees and other plants is good for the soul. With many schools on hiatus, home learning could include a planting project.

Cancellation policy. If you do need to cancel your seedling order altogether, we require notice at least two weeks prior to your delivery. If you do not receive confirmation from us that your order is cancelled, you will receive the seedlings and are responsible for payment. Thank you for working with us to be flexible as we all take a global deep breath and do our best to protect the collective whole.

Cancelled: Spring Meeting of Western Mass Tree Wardens

The spring meeting of the Western Mass. Tree Wardens scheduled for March 24 at the Bluebonnet Diner has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to seeing you at the next one on June 9th!

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