2019 Course-Outline

All sessions will take place from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm in Sturbridge, MA.  Pre-registration for entire course is required.

Session One – September 11, 2019
Tree Warden 101 – roles, responsibilities, and work priorities
Massachusetts tree laws – Chapter 87, scenic roads, local ordinances, and the role of  ANSI standards
Tree risk and liability
Tree identification (all six sessions)
Session Two – September 25,  2019
How trees grow – tree parts and functions
Urban tree problems and risk trees
Structural defects and likelihood of failure
Tree risk management
Session Three – October 2, 2019 – outdoor field day
Small groups will rotate through 3 outdoor exercises:
     On-site tree identification
     Field training in identifying tree risk
     Tree planting: site assessment, tree selection, planting practices
Session Four – October 23, 2019
Tree health – problem diagnosis and management
Budgeting, outside contracting, A300 standards
Construction zone management
Session Five – November 6, 2019
Arboricultural safety, ANSI Z-133, EHAP
Municipal tree inventories
Streetscape design and site evaluation
Introduction to i-Tree free software
Session Six – November 20, 2019
Working with utility arborists
Tree wardens panel – “Working In and With Our Communities”
Massachusetts DCR Urban & Community Forestry – assistance and resources