Engineering a Career in Arboriculture: Recruiting Outside the Box

Here’s an excerpt from an great new article by Jamie Magaldi, P.E., MCA, tree warden for the Town of Wilmington and MTWFA board member.  “Perhaps we have been narrow minded to believe that future tree professionals are exclusively seeded in the arboricultural education system. I can tell you from experience that many of the same concepts in tree risk management, rigging, and structural behavior of trees are being taught as part of static mechanics for young structural engineering students. Concepts like center of gravity, behavior of materials (specifically timber) under stress, moment of inertia, torsion stress, material yielding, factors of safety, load testing, load redirections through pulleys, and other concepts of structural analysis are being discussed right now in engineering classrooms around the country to students who don’t have the slightest idea that they can apply these concepts to a career in arboriculture……Let’s remember that there are youngsters out there that simply haven’t yet been informed that they can actually have a rewarding career in a field that actually combines the love of nature with the latest concepts in structural engineering. Read the entire article.

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