Annual Conference 2018

Tuesday-Wednesday • January 9-10, 2018

Online registration is now available for the Annual Conference at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center.  Watch your mail or print the paper brochure if you prefer to register the traditional way. Students: please register here. Commercial vendors: are you interested in having a booth in the Exhibit Hall? Visit the Exhibitors Page for more information. See the complete conference schedule.

Credits available:
  (2 on Tuesday)
ISA     (5 on Tuesday and  4.5 on Wednesday)
Pending: MCA, MCLP, Pesticide

Keynote speaker Don Blair is an arborist, author, lecturer and photographer who has informed and entertained arborists around the world for over 40 years. We are fortunate that he will give a presentation on each day of the conference.

Tuesday, January 9: Anatomy of a Catastrophic Rigging Failure
There’s nothing better than a job in which everything comes together. There’s nothing worse than a job in which everything falls apart. With video footage of the incident as it happens, Don Blair goes step by step through the decisions that led to this disaster and more importantly, details all of the missed opportunities in the ANSI-Z133 Standards that would have prevented it in the first place.
Wednesday, January 10: A Condensed History of Arboriculture
Take a look back at how much the profession has changed over the past 150 years or so and yet marvel at how much has stayed the same.  Come and enjoy a trip through history as arborist-historian par excellence Donald F. Blair shares what our predecessors thought about the use of spurs in trees in 1881 or the practice of topping in 1907, and what the first generation of chainsaws looked like. Be amazed at how much work was done by so few with so little for so many years.